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1863-1867 mapping. The 3rd and 4th Military Survey at the altimeter (tachymeter) has a special standing next to the measuring table. (The 4th Army surveys during the 1910-13's, was just experimenting to a more accurate mapping. So developed in 1920s .) 17 THE PRE-WORLD WAR I, AUSTRIA-HUNGARY MILITARY cartography Renewal of an entire country of mapping - or re-assessment of Corrections - very expensive. The second military survey maps are quickly outdated especially the railway construction, because of the mine openings and advanced manufacturing establishment. Therefore, after the compromise has taken place in the second round of the third military survey, which has catered to the World War I. maps, and even us - also used in II is - renovated. Started as a four military survey in 1896, but it was rather a trial basis, and our country has affected only one area of the Tatra section. The third military survey in Hungary between 1872-1884 went to place 1: 25 000 scale. Compared to earlier surveys, the new has become the triangulation network, the length measuring system and relying on scale series, and the maps projection and profiling method. The geometric basics there are three kinds of triangulation network and heights above the Adriatic sea created. 1876 ​​introduced the so-called. polyhedron dimension, and each network gauge edited at least three geographic coordinate points. They then topographer measuring table further point switching condensed, which used telescopic or direction fiber ruler. The survey view the meter table tahiméter (height gauge) standing height and which is the most important detail points it measured the distance. Further mapping points and lines between the points so determined important details of a table detailing the topographer handheld has drawn. In the dioptrás ruler envisaged, the distance between the points is usually step and estimate determined by the points already slat was not here. The air-height weighing often declared to be the main slopes are checked Pocket-meter slope angle. Where it is available, there used cadastral sections. The topography Lehmann's stripes and 20 m contour lines depicted alapszintközű. Later, four segmented recording a 1: 75 000 scale called. Detailed maps have been edited out, these were issued as a color print. This series has been in use during the First World War, corrected in three editions. The new logging based on the so-called. Cape had a map that depicted cent area 1 x 1 ° latitude and length as well (1: 2000 000 scale) so that the degree of power lines being carved round each other in the middle of the section. A detailed map of 8 degrees map images that have been edited out. Finally, they released (1882-1886) civil use Bonne's projection in Central Europe 1: 300 000 scale map of 54 gauge, colorful design.
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