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Really apologize for barging in, but I am in Harris County backing up to a Lake Houston canal.  I am in need of a surveyor to help me with a replat to remove the upper section of a drainage easement and then follow through with the planning comission to have it approved.  I have received an easement release from my local HarrisCounty Water Board and received an email from HarrisCounty Flood District saying they have no interest in my easement.  However, I have called 5-6 surveyors and can't even get a return phone call from most.

I've been discouraged to try this because "Harris County never approves these kinds of things",  but anyone who actually SEES the property (3 levels and I'm only asking for the upper section of a steep area) should be able to understand that this easement isn't of use unless a "Noah's Ark" event occurs and then, who would even care?!?

Wondering if I can get some recommendations from this site of some companies who aren't so afraid of HarrisCounty that they won't try!

Really appreciate your time reading this and any help you can provide!  I have a photo and a marked up survey I can send to explain further.

Deanna Delapasse

[email protected]


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