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Languages Mapped

As a global community of land surveyors, it may become important to at least know the type of language that one of your fellow surveyors speak, it order to eliminate possible misinterpretations during chat or email. That is where this new Language Map tool by the Guardian may come in handy.  Take a look at Language Maps and learn something new!



The 2011 census reveals the main language spoken in 34,753 'output areas' across England and Wales, each of 1,500 people. While only 0.3% of the population cannot speak English, 4m people do not speak it as their main language. This shows the country's patchwork quilt of languages. 

Click the dropdown to see % speaking different languages - and hit 'share view' to share that view on Twitter and Facebook
Zoom to: Bradford | Bristol | Birmingham | Cardiff | Liverpool | Manchester | Peterborough | Southampton

 Download the data behind this map

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