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This group is for Land Surveyors United members who use Leica Geosystems Surveying Instruments in the field. This group is for discussions and tutorials related to Leica user. Land Surveyors United is not directly affiliated with Leica and all logos and imagery are copyright of their respective owners.

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MS60 Signal

Hi all,Glad to be involved in this forum. I am actually a VDC coordinator with a concrete contractor and work a bit with surveyors regarding getting controls. We are using Leica MS60 now. One thing I met a lot on the site was the signal lost when for

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LISCAD Software Computations


I am new to LISCAD and am trying to perform a cut and fill exercise. The computations guide tells me it is easy to edit a number a number of points at once. I want to select a large number of points on my surface and drop them by 300mm. My method

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our Ts06+ is getting waterlogged?

Used it in about... 20minutes of moderate rain. Took it home and took it inside (we never put it in its box) and using it yesterday and there was a big patch of moisture inside the screen. Is this normal? Its only 2 months old and I thought they were

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