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Would members be interested in "building" a "Land Survey Related Task List"? Read more about it in my comment below.

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After your potential client informs you on the phone that they want to proceed (I prefer a phone conversation when it comes to telling them what it will cost, because sometimes it's a WOW, really?....and sometimes it's a more experienced person who has paid for several surveys in the past and understands the "why so much money" part), I will usually ask them how they would prefer me to send them the proposal (email, fax, physical mail, delivery, etc.).  But, how do you write a good proposal…

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Phone Skills

Gary, First of all, this is absolutely genius!  Sage & Spirit is what I see when I think about what you have done and what you are doing now!Ring, ring, ......Good morning, (insert company name).  Now what?The potential client needs something surveying related but may not be able to explain exactly what it is.We can fill in the blanks on this later.This is going to be so awesome!  

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Land Survey Related Task List

SurveyTaskList001.xls       Lets Build it together.  Start a dicussion by suggesting a task to be included on "The Master List".  Then we'll vote on it in the comments.  The latest Master List is right here or below if you have uploaded your own version:  SurveyTaskList001.xls


So what do you think should be on The Master List of Surveying Tasks?


Let me know if you can click on the link SurveyTaskList001.xls and download the spreadsheet.  If you cannot, then maybe we can create a csv file or other way for you get it and update it and upload it to this page.


Let me know if you have revised it so we can update it in this text box and replace the above upload link.  Thanks, Gary Breisch.

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  • The date codes work nice for file or folder sorting since they will will sort in order of a unique day/time and will not give you problems that are generated by codes like 9-16-2011 which will not sort continuously with other years, instead will sort by month and unless you use an 09 instead of 9 will not even sort by month order.  Play with it in a spreadsheet and see for yourself by experimenting with this format for sorting by date code without using the date format that most spreadsheets provide.

  • SurveyTaskList001-4.xls  updated 20110916.1015PM CDT

    Are you familiar with date codes.  Try using them for your file names to include the unique date of your file or transaction.  Hint: YYYYMMDD.HHMM.AM/PM Time Zone   or HHMM military time if you need a more unique date/time code. Say you get an potential client today with the name of Gary Hamilton - under his name file folder you can build his project number as 20110916-GH as a unique project or proposal folder name.  Task list entry could be FileManagement. Level 1 Survey Task by Gary Breisch.…
  • Survey Legend
    brilliant!  lets work on a prototype...
  • I visualize a list of tasks that a land surveyor does regardless if he is registered or not including all "Land Survey Related Tasks" in the form of a spreadsheet format for the database.On the same row or line of the spreadsheet are each column cell as with all spreadsheets as follows entry items:The first column is blank for a check column.  The second column on the same line could be the person's name that has done the task.  The third column on the same line could be the could be one word for the main task category column. The fourth column could be the word used in the sentence that explains how the word is part of a task.The list could be used as a check list of the experience and expertise for any person to download add line or read only then use and edit on their own computer allowing the admin access to clean up the main online spreadsheet.
    The Master Spreadsheet for this "Land Survey Relate Task List" could also serve on the www as an answer list to anyone wanting to know what a land surveyor or land surveyor help does in the course of providing land surveying services.I could start a seed and take that seed and allow access to it for LSU members for input and for the general public to view it and download it like with google docs or something.  What do you think?Maybe a prize could be offered by sponsors or points for each line that an LSU member provides to cash in on software or equipment.I searched for "Land Survey Task List" and only found results for "Land Survey Check List."  So maybe it would be good to find a list of tasks that are common to all the types of surveys by experienced people working on projects or with surveyors and their equipment and resources.What do you think?

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