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Gary, First of all, this is absolutely genius!  Sage & Spirit is what I see when I think about what you have done and what you are doing now!

Ring, ring, ......Good morning, (insert company name).  Now what?

The potential client needs something surveying related but may not be able to explain exactly what it is.

We can fill in the blanks on this later.

This is going to be so awesome! 


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    We start out by asking them to positively identify the subject tract (address, tax id number, current owner name or some other way to find it). Next we ask them why they are having the survey performed. Often you can figure out what it is they need if you can get them to explain what it is they are trying to do with the subject tract. Finally we ask them their name, phone number, fax number or email address to get the proposal to them and be able to contact them. We generally close by telling them when we expect the proposal to be sent to them and explain that they might visit our website to find out more information on a sample of the product they will receive that we are proposing, what kind of product they may need (other than what we are proposing) and to find explanations of the limits of information the product we are proposing will have.
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      Karl, I think that is Spot On!  That's precisely what I do, and I might add that I ask them when they would like to see the cost estimate, proposal, survey deadline, etc. (some are in no hurry at all and some want it yesterday).  That way I can prioritize my personal schedule. You probably also do this but I thought I would make mention of it.



  • In the case of a two word combo - I would use PhoneSkills as the word then create a sentence that summarizes the task.  You may find yourself wanting to take other "words" from the task sentence and adding them as a "task."  Next thing you know, you have expanded one word into many - and the list grows substantially.  Then all we have to do is search the spreadsheet for any key words and we have a very effective tool to help others understand and have a check list of what a survey does or needs to know to expand his experience or knowledge base.

    We have got to find us someone to get this spreadsheet visible on the page so that contributor/members can add their rows easily and view or download the revised spreadsheet at any time.

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      Gary, good point.  I downloaded the list and will get a better feel for what the beast is before we build it.


      -Scott D. Warner, R.L.S.

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