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Traverse, Traverse Line and How does GPS fit into all of this with GPS Traverse

If you look the word traverse up it is used as a noun, a verb, a adverb, a adjective and the list goes on.It alsoĀ  has many definitions other than the survey term .Ā  In surveying it is in reference to a system of point who's beginning was also it's end.all the sums could be adjusted for a better fit. This is a Closed Traverse. A Traverse Line does not work like this. It's corrections or only averages of each part if this is applied to the survey.There maybe cases were only one angle and oneā€¦

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Double rodding, I never called it this, I used Double turns, 2 of something

Hello Eveyone, I guess it does not matter what you call it ,if it can be mastered it saves time and money.Running long level runs can take a lot of time., To insure they are correct they must be ran into a level loop. Sometimes bench loops are a costly procedure.Bench mark are not always close to the job. It also depend on what these elevation are used for and who is requiring them . What order and class they will fall into. lets just say these are third order , three wire. To save money Ā andā€¦

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L. R. , What is L R ? I was asked that one day. He was not ready for the answer.

One Day, On the tailgate of my survey truck I had plans waiting to be look at , and calculators here and there with Data Collectors, scales ,triangles erasers pen , pencils the every day survey items. this day was no different . But wait it was, sewer on one street a storm sewer on the next andĀ  grade had to be set on a drainage ditch. It was one of those jobs that was taken so soon ,like here are the plans ,he hasĀ  equipment waiting on YOU. In my day and time this was no big deal I wasn'tā€¦

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