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open traverseIf you look the word traverse up it is used as a noun, a verb, a adverb, a adjective and the list goes on.It alsoĀ  has many definitions other than the survey term .Ā  In surveying it is in reference to a system of point who's beginning was also it's end.all the sums could be adjusted for a better fit. This is a Closed Traverse. A Traverse Line does not work like this. It's corrections or only averages of each part if this is applied to the survey.There maybe cases were only one angle and one distance is taken at each leg of this Line.This is wrong. Multiples must be taken in this system . This is also to make sure these were correct. Many times i have had to explain to someoneĀ  your traverse line is not a traverse. Traverse Lines has stations ,a Traverse does not, a traverse can be adjusted, a traverse Line can not. A compound traverse is two traverse lines that have been tied together . This does not make them a Traverse. Ā  IN a old survey book of mine it says a traverse is a series of points that are connected by angles and distance and can be seen from one point to the next and to the next until they connect back to the first point. This allows the surveyor to make polar or rectangular adjustments to this system .

Can be seen? That's the only way you would turn the the angles and measure them fiscally . Why he said this i do not know, but that is the only way.Ā Ā  So how does GPS " Traverse" fit into all of this . and is it really a traverse or is it only a system of Control points. Voice your conception of what you think and how this terminology is applied. so what makes a TraverseĀ  and a Traverse Line no matter what you use.


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  • Student Surveyor

    Hi billy i think a traverse is a series of lines joint together. and there are two types: </open Ā traverse> which starts from a known point to another known point and </close traverse> which starts from a known point to that same point and a traverse line is the distance from Ā any initial point to Ā the preceeding one in a traverse.Ā 

    • Salisu, Thank you for reply. the ? is not what is a traverse , but what is the meaning ofĀ  a GPS Traverse,or is this possible . Can it have one, you know it's not the same on how the data is acquired . Do notĀ  make this connection or compare it to a conventional survey. But in GPS can one point be dependent on the one before it, just like in any traverse ,closed,open or a traverse line with stations or a compound traverse they all connect one point to the next, and are dependent on the one before it.this is what makes them a like.Ā  Make this connection. Or is GPS just a system of control points were this will never be the case. One answer is right before you and there are others.


  • IĀ“m not getting your point Billy...
    A colloquial traverse is a traverse line, so I donĀ“t know any other kind of traverse.
    A traverse line can be opened (worst case) or closed (best one), can be free or boxed, can be adjusted or not adjusted... There are many cases. It is the best way (by time) to create a benchmark network when GPS observation and adjustment is not possible. It is not a good system if you need to do so maintenance, as it gives you a lot of work. Grid compensation will take more time at the first, but it will work better with less maintenance.

    From my point of view, GPS canĀ“t make any "classical survey" methodology, as it doesnĀ“t need a connection between points, only against satellites.

    • Hello David,Ā  That is my point. First a Traverse is survey system that is closed and can be adjusted. A TraverseĀ Ā  LINEĀ Ā  is something total different,it is all ways open and can not be adjusted.Ā Ā  Never use Traverse Line in reference to a Traverse. Traverse linesĀ  have Stations like highways or railroads . A Traverse does not. This is well documented and recorded in survey manuals and land surveyors reference guides. Next i am not trying to compare conventionalĀ  method's to GPS. There are different type systems of (traversing)Ā  Traverse,Ā  Traverse Line and compound Traverse. These are conventional TypesĀ  of surveying.Ā  GPS , no it can not make this comparison of angles and distance's ,but mathematically, it can be connect from point to point, It's points can be inverse for vectors just like any other survey system and a GPS traverse does need connection to it's other points. Now the term GPS traverse is well use in today's world this is my ? where does it fit in. In what type of GPS is this term applied.Ā  It is not all GPS surveys, so what is it, is it only in referenced of how this controls are connected that is my ? DavidĀ Ā  GPS traverse does exist, and this is well documented.


    • Hello Billy, again...

      Forget classical methods and GPS.

      I'm not getting the difference between traverse and traverse line.

      Traverse is a methodology to create control points following a "path" between some control points. You can begin in a well known point with an azimut and a single way (open traverse), can begin in a unknown point but finishing in a well known point (reverse open traverse), you can begin and end in a well known point (box traverse), you can follow the same "path" n times (compound traverse), you can begin and end in the same point (closed traverse), you can use different "paths" on going and returning ("English traverse")...

      But always that you are making a traverse, it will be a traverse line. One issue will be if it is opne, closed, boxed... but always will be a line as far as you are following a "path", so I canĀ“t imagine a traverse that it is not a traverse line.

      Regarding GPS traverse, I think that it is a commercial issue in order to explain how it is working making reference to a well know methodology. But from my point of view, as GPS has its own methodologies, it should be "linked" to classical methodology.


  • Land Surveyor

    I think a GPS traverse refferse to the GPS method of measuring using the frog leap method from point to point, ie. by using a base station and measuring your next control point then setting up your base on the measured control point and measuring the next traverse point and so on. All the GPS traverse contol points would be dependent on each other that;s why they would be give that name (they would all have new baseline between all the contol points). Not that you have one base station and meaurse all the points, that would not be a GPS Traverse

    • thanks Maciek for your reply, now lets here some more everybody.

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      I can not comment at this time on the discussion. I will think it over.

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