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Rules of Thumb for surveying

Several rules of thumb which makes life a little easier:

When checking in and your off 30" remember

20" is 0.01' in 100' so if your 50' feet away from your backsite for a topo you are less then a hun. and good!

Steel expands 0.01' per 100' per 15 degrees of temp.  (not use so much anymore, but handy when working with bridges, steel trusses, etc.

PPM's are parts per million, so if you have 100 ppm's it is still 1:10.000, still plenty accurate for most work.

So if you need a quick scale factor or proration for your job, set your PPM till you hit record on your base line, it is handy when laying out grid lines around a building whose envelope corners you have already staked.  

Remember that Iron leans from the Sun, so get your grid line up early. Also keep   your benchmarks on the darkside of the building or in shafts.  If you hold about 10 lbs, enough get kinks out of your chain, and acclimatize the building, you should get consistent and correct benchmarks on upper floors.

Remember everything settles,  This could add up to a big extra instead of a backcharge, look as the soils or geology report for settlement criteria.

I always remember that the "the sine times the slope = the elevation"  or "the tangent times the tape (flat read) equals the elevation" of course that leaves cosine the relation between the two adjacent.

Remember in Autocad or any other program "80% of the time you use the same 20 commands" "80/20 rule.  Also 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people. etc.

And "always, always, always back up data"  better to copy not move, ex. keep raw files in data collector as long as possible.

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