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Illinois Land Surveyors group forum is for IPLSA members and professional land surveyors and LSU members who live and work in the state of Illinois, USA to share their experiences in Illinois land surveying

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Construction Staking

A few months ago I received a RFB (request for bids) for a construction job in Illinois, being that I was not 100% sure of the law in Illinois regarding construction staking and Surveyors.  I passed on the job.  Since then, I have had multiple opportunities to do construction staking jobs in Illinois.  My question I propose to this group is can a Registered Land Surveyor in Wisconsin construction stake in Illinois?  The scope of work does not entail boundary work.If during the job I am asked to…

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References, Materials and Procedures for the Illinois Professional Engineering Examinations

  References, Materials and Procedures for the Illinois Professional Engineering Examinations Each candidate is responsible for knowing and adhering to these rules regulating the administration of the Professional Engineering Examinations.  Read all of the following information carefully.  Failure to follow these rules can result in immediate dismissal and disqualification from these examinations. Two examinations are required for licensure as a Professional Engineer in Illinois:            1.…

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Illinois Land Surveying Videos

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Illinois Land Surveyors



Illinois Land Surveyors
In this group, feel free to discuss anything related to land surveying industry in the state of Illinois.

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