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ike GPS Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the information from the digital compass and laser distance meter recorded along with the GPS when you take a picture?Answer: Yes. The information received from the instruments (laser, compass, inclinometer and GPS receiver) is stored in a text CSV file. Each captured image also has some of this information geo-tagged into the EXIF data of the image. And a Google Earth compatible KML file is also created.If you use ArcPad this data is also stored in your ArcPad shapefile depending…

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ikeGPS Hardware Features and ikeTools

ikeGPS Mobile GIS Hardware FeaturesThe ikeGPS mobile GIS product line features three modelswith different cameras and laser ranges, each tailored to meet particular operational needs. Available ikeGPS modelsModelMeasurements via photogrammetry  RangeCameraResolutionRecommendedApplicationsike1000Yes  1000m5 MPOptimized for consistent laser accuracy over long distancesike300Yes  300m5 MPOptimized for laser precision for accurate photogrammetry measurementsike100No  100m3.2 MPEntry level ikeGPS…

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