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ike GPS Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the information from the digital compass and laser distance meter recorded along with the GPS when you take a picture?

Answer: Yes. The information received from the instruments (laser, compass, inclinometer and GPS receiver) is stored in a text CSV file. Each captured image also has some of this information geo-tagged into the EXIF data of the image. And a Google Earth compatible KML file is also created.

If you use ArcPad this data is also stored in your ArcPad shapefile depending on the inclusion of specific ikeGPS fields - eg: if a field called ikeTrueBrg is present in the shapefile, then the ike compass bearing will be stored in this field for each feature captured.

Question: Where is the captured data stored?
Answer: The captured data is stored on the RAM of the ikeGPS unit. This can be redirected to store on a removable SD Card.

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Question: Does the camera have a zoom feature?
Answer: Yes. Digital zoom functionality is a standard feature of the ikeGPS.

Question: Does the camera store the zoomed image?
Answer: Yes. The zoomed preview image is stored when an image of the target is captured.

Question: Where does the laser measure from?
Answer: The laser distance is calculated from the front face plane (where the laser and camera lenses are mounted) of the ikeGPS unit.

Question: Where can I obtain software updates for my ike?
Answer: Periodically, new software and updates will become available for your ikeGPS hardware. These generally provide issue remedies and may also include beneficial feature enhancements. Please contact Support via a Software Request to be provided with latest software (that is applicable to your ikeGPS hardware and Warranty terms & conditions).

Question: Is ikeGPS compatible with ArcPad?
Answer: The ike1000 range is compatible with ArcPad versions 10, 8, 7.1.1 and 7.0.1 via the use of the ikeCapture Extension for ArcPad. The ikeCapture Extension acts as to integrate data captured from ikeCapture into your ArcPad shapefiles.  Please refer to your ikeGPS reseller for pricing for this Accessory.

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Question: What is the difference between ikePad and ArcPad?
Answer: ikePad is an ArcPad-compatible mobile GIS solution that is preconfigured to communicate with ikeGPS's instrumentation. The standard retail version ArcPad does not have these functions.

To capture ArcPad compatible data on ike you must purchase and install either ikePad (full ArcPad-compatible suite) or (if you already have ArcPad) the ikeCapture Extension for ArcPad. Please refer to your ikeGPS reseller for pricing for these accessories.

Question: Does ike support different geographic projections?
Answer: ikeCapture defaults to the WGS84 datum. If you use ArcPad then you can update your map and shapfiles to your preferred ArcPad projection (that are supported by ArcPad and described in the ArcPad Documentation, which is available from the ESRI website.)

Question: Is ikeGPS compatible with other GIS systems?
Answer: The CSV file generated by ikeCapture is structured so it can be imported into other GIS systems.

Question: What software do I need to transfer data from ikeGPS to desktop?
Answer: If data is stored directly on your ikeGPS unit you will need either Microsoft ActiveSync (XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista/7 32-bit or 64-bit) to copy data between ikeGPS & Windows-based device over USB.  If data is stored directly on an SD Card fitted to your ikeGPS unit, the SD Card can be removed and data copied using a SD Card reader connected to your desktop computer.

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