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ikeGPS Hardware Features and ikeTools

ikeGPS Mobile GIS Hardware Features

ikegps features

ikeGPS mobile GIS end viewikeGPS mobile GIS end view

The ikeGPS mobile GIS product line features three modelswith different cameras and laser ranges, each tailored to meet particular operational needs.

 Available ikeGPS models
ModelMeasurements via photogrammetry  RangeCamera
ike1000Yes  1000m5 MPOptimized for consistent laser accuracy over long distances
ike300Yes  300m5 MPOptimized for laser precision for accurate photogrammetry measurements
ike100No  100m3.2 MPEntry level ikeGPS device for fast, safe and verifiable data capture

Introduction to ikeTools

Accomplish more in the field with ikeTools data capture modes for ikeGPS™.

Calibrated photo capture with
related GPS information that
allows you to measure overall
height, attachment heights,
and surface areas!
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When just a quick photo is
needed. Allows you to take
photos and document
features surrounding a target.
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Measure the height of a
vertical object, even when
the base of the target is
Click for more info.

Capture the bearing,
distance, GPS location, and
photo of a remote object
and easily view on a map.
Great for use when photo
measurements are not
Click for more info.

Measure the height
of anything between
two objects.
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TrueSize: Measure anything from an ikeGPS™ photo

With ikeGPS you can measure anything captured in the ikGPS™ image such as overall height, attachment heights, and surface areas.

For example, if you are measuring multiple attachments on a utility pole you start by capturing a single image of the entire pole.

Using ikeDesktop software, you use the information captured to make precise, simple on-screen measurements, such as the overall height of the pole and the heights of and distances between each attachment.

You can also directly measure the real size of objects by creating a TrueSize image of an object and measuring its dimensions. This data is valuable in a wide variety of applications such as utility pole audits, vegetation surveys, local government assessments, and asset management surveys.

ikeTools TruSize mode

TrueSize Capture Mode is available as an upgrade to the standard ikeGPS™ system.

ikeTools TrueSize image capture

TrueSize allows you to capture calibrated photos of remote GPS locations safely and gather field data quicker than traditional methods. These photos are then used to measure the heights, widths and areas of objects. This process saves time and money over traditional data capture and measuring methods.

"We were looking for an integated system that allows us to accurately locate poles on a GIS map, take calibrated photos and measure the heights and positions of pole attachments. The ikeGPS™ does all of that in a single handheld unit. The ikeGPS™ is very accurate and the device is easy to use." - Paul Toto, xpoGIS


Measuring Span Heights

ikeGPS™ can capture the vertical heights of a variety of mid spans clearances such as; utility and telephone lines and cables, bridge clearances and much more.

Span Height Capture Mode is available as an upgrade to the standard ikeGPS™ system.

ikeGPS™ software guides you to find the top of the target (in this case the wire), then guides the user with onscreen prompts to find the position directly below that spot and calculates the distance between them, or vertical height. The measurement is made in real time and is burnt into the image, for full verification, together with the location of the measurement.

ikeTools TrueSize image capture

Span Height allows you to remotely measure any height between two objects safely allowing crews to stay out of danger while traffic flows freely.


Capture the Target Position with a Geo-tagged photo

ikeGPS™ captures the bearing, distance and GPS location of a remote object in this mode, while locking together a photo of the target. Simultaneously you are also recording your local position.

Once a GPS fix is obtained, you center the crosshairs on the target object. A single photograph captures an image of the object and “geo-tags” it with the location data. You also automatically capture you local position, the distance and bearing to the target using an integrated laser rangefinder and 3D compass.

You can also enter labels and comments to describe the target and conditions. All this information is easily mapped.

Useful for all kinds of remote GIS data capture projects, including Seismic Surveys, Vegetation Surveys, Pipeline Assessments, and target identification.

Target Position Capture Mode is available as an upgrade to the standard ikeGPS™ system.

Target position allows you to remotely capture the GPS location of objects up to 1 kilometer away. From a single vantage point you can collect many targets thus saving you the traditional mobilization and set up times required when moving from target to target.

"The ikeGPS™ units deliver the ability to assess a target from a safe distance and verify it with an image, this is important to our organization because we rely on accurate field information." - Anonymous large military user


Photo Only Mode

In photo only mode, ikeGPS™ records and stores an image of any object, without capturing GPS location data. A great feature to have when additional photos are required that are related to your primary target.

This mode is useful for documenting the conditions of objects and their surroundings for reports and analysis, such as interiors of buildings, surroundings of utility poles or trees, etc.

Photo only images provide necessary verifiable evidence when creating a comprehensive report.

ikeTools Photo Only mode

ikeTools TrueSize image capture

Photo Only Mode is available as a standard feature of every ikeGPS™ system.


Three shot height: Measure the Height of Any Object

With ikeGPS™ you can measure the height of any object from a safe, remote position - even when the base of the target is obscured.

With ikeGPS™, take a shot of the ground in front of the target, ikeGPS™ software guides you to find a mid-way position on the target, and then the top of the target. ikeGPS then captures the distance, and bearing to each reference point and calculates the height.

This measurement is calculated in real time with the measurement burnt into the verifying, geo-tagged image.

This capability has a multitude of uses in nearly every industry, from measuring building and wall heights, to road signs, to trees and telephone poles. ikeGPS makes it fast, easy and safe to measure remote object heights from a safe location.

ikeTools measure the height of any object

ikeTools three shot height data capture

Three Shot Height Mode is available as a standard feature of every ikeGPS™ system.

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