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Dear all,

One of our user Mr. Younis sends me the idea that you produce the spread sheet for the traverse by co-ordinates method. It was the good idea and I produce this sheet according to that.

I always well com good ideas from you gays. If somebody has any idea for any kind of spread sheet for surveying works I will appreciate.

Enjoy the attachment.


Download TraverseCloseLinkbycoordinatemethod.xls


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  • Land Surveyor
    I need all of excel sheets related to survey. Please send it to my email [email protected] because i cannot find any attachment here.
  • Land Surveyor
    Where is the attachment?
  • Land Surveyor
    Please send me the attachment...Malik ji
  • This program is good although there is need to improve on it as well as include area computation.However i have had some problems with it especially when i prompt the program to compute, it redirects me to the vba dialogue box requesting for a password which i don't know and don't know how to get it. Please Mali advise me on how to go about this obstacle.thanks
    • Dear which version of excel you are using?



  • Seeking Employment

    Thanks, Malik Abdur Rehman sab. you did a great job....

    •  I have disscused with Mr.Malik to add more Features to the same Routine but he is busy in these days I think he will do something new within while



  • Dear Sir ,

    I checked the example provided and it works well with Linked Traverse , but i tried  Closed traverse by Coordinate method , but i couldnot get the answer correctly so I want to get the EXAMPLE of Closed traverse from you plz. send me the Example in  <<<      [email protected]       >>>.

    • Try this data,


      Traverse Data Input:

      Start Station: Start Back sight:
      Point I'D 2 Point I'D 1
      Easting -637.696 682.8932 -889.677
      Northing 1161.886 Northing 525.134
      Elevation 0.000 Elevation 0.000
      End Station: End Foresight:
      Point I'D 6 Point I'D 7
      Easting -889.677 Easting -637.696
      Northing 525.134 Northing 1161.886 Scale Factor
      Elevation 0.000 Elevation 0.000 1.000000000
      Point I'D Easting Northing Elevation Remarks
      3 231.384 1161.886 0.000 new station
      4 617.070 591.890 0.000 new station
      5 -155.153 69.368 0.000 new station
      6 -889.677 525.134 0.000 Fixed
      7 -637.696 1161.886 0.000 Fixed
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