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EC-SM1000 Engineering Calculator with in built and user programming

Dear All, 


Please find Engineering Calculator Surveying Master with in built 80 Land Surveying program's like control surveying, Road and infrastructure alignment, curves, intersection, resections, interpolations and much more.


Free Programming on re

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1 Reply · Reply by ALONGE SUNDAY OLUWADARE Jan 8, 2021
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Survey Legend

Bearing Calculation from coordinates / Surveying / with Excel sheet download

With the attached excel files you can calculate Distance and Bearing from coordinates easily, just you have to input the Easting and Northing values only. I have created this excel spreadsheet to calculate BEARING and DISTANCE when we have easting no

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3 Replies · Reply by AxeMen Site Prep Jul 26, 2019
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Land Surveyor

Bearing and Distance Calculation from Easting, Northing (Download Link Inside)

With this excel file you can calculate Distance and Bearing easily, just you have to input the Easting and Northing values only.Download Link

Download Coordinate2Bearing (1).xlsx


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2 Replies · Reply by Justin Farrow Mar 16, 2019
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