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ProMark3 GNSS Post-processing

Hi,I'm in Cyprus assisting with an archaeological dig. We have used Fast Survey for our data collection. Now I'm experimenting with using Surveying. I'm new at using GNSS software. I did a simple test data collection to experiment in with processing in GNSS software. The problem that I have is that when I try to import the data into my project I get the following error message: "Session 'bas1a13.160 does not contain e-file. Azimuths and Elevations of satellites will be replaced with zeros."I'm…

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Timeline of Ashtech Milestones

DISCOVER ASHTECH KEY MILESTONES! (1970)  Sercel an electronics company in France starts the radiopositioning business using land based UHF transmiters at the time.   (1978)  NAVSTAR (Navigation System with Timing And Ranging), now known as GPS (Global Positioning System), launched by U.S. Department of Defense. (1982)  First GLONASS satellites launched by the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense. (1983)  GPS declassified by President Reagan moves from pure military effort to public…

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  • Land Surveyor

    Forgive me if anyone already posted this, but there is a firmware update for the Promark3 posted HERE.

    This solved all of the initialization problems I was having with my unit.


  • Open appeal to Skip Farrow:
    Any word on the touch screen replacement part? Please send any pictures, notes and anything else to use in our quest to replace those puppies. Magellan/Ashtech has been no help.
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