#Land survey : how to find height with only ranging rods and tape


hey is it possible for you to find the height of an object by using only tape and ranging rods?
Hello! My name is SL Khan and you are watching an engineer boy.
Dears here in this short video we will be learning and discussing about a simple method of finding the height of an object,
when it is accessible and there is a level ground in front of it.
Let the height of the shown tower(shown in the video) is to be found. Suppose A and B are two ranging rods fixed some distance apart from the tower.
Let T be the base and P the peak or apex of the tower.
After this we will mark two points like point C and D at the same level on the ranging rod A and B.
By same level I mean to have AC equals BD.
Then we will look through the line CD, and mark point E on the tower.
After this we will sight the peak of the tower from point C so we can mark a point D1 on ranging rod at point B.
make sure C, D1 and point P are in the same straight line…..
Now using similar triangles rules.
We can calculate PE and then by adding ET offcoarse we can have the total height of the tower.
Like according to similar triangles
The ratio of PE and CE should be equal to the ratio of DD1 and CD.
Now by multiplying CE to both sides we can get
PE = DD1 times CE divided by CD
Or PE = DD1 times AT divided by AB because CD equals AB and CE equals AT.
So from this PE is calculated and then ET is measured using the tape,
So we have the total height of the tower as.
PE plus ET
And that’s it….
So this is the basic concept of find the height of an object by using only tape and two ranging rods.
lets watch the video for diagramatic solution..

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