Finding user manuals and guides for older surveying equipment can be a royal pain. Over time members have thankfully submitted their old operators documents and workflows. Lately, i have seen a rise in questions related to older Sokkia equipment so I figured I'd post a few hard-to-find manuals for your use. Hopefully one of these might come in handy for you.

SDR 8100 Data Collector Operations Manual

Get to know the SDR8100 Data Collector using this Operators Manual

SDR31 Data Collector Guide

SDR33 Data Collector

How about that dusty SDR 33 datalogger? Try This!

Looking for something different? Tell us in the comments below. Alternatively, you can also send a private request for surveying equipment manuals here.

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Reply by ronnie r. monilla on December 2, 2016 at 8:09am

Good evening sir (Philippine Time), is it possible to have a complete lists of instrument error at least for Sokkia Set5G.  Im having problem with error 003 which is not included in the instrument manual. It would be very helpful not only to me but to the community if we have this complete error list.  Thank you and more power, God bless.

Reply by ⚡Survenator⌁ on October 12, 2016 at 6:12pm

SDR33 Datalogger

Communication with PC

If you can't get the SDR or instrument to download data to a PC, check the following:

  •  are you connected to the correct com port? In case of doubt, try 'm all.
  •  are the communication parameters the same on the PC and in the instrument? Check the speed (baud rate) but also the parity, data bits, stop bits. Leave Xon/Xoff unchecked and handshake 'none' for now.
  •  is the com port available? Not occupied by Activesync, for instance.

If you have (intermittent) communication problems between the SDR33 and the Total Station, the cable attached to the SDR33 is likely faulty. Once you have a new cable, make sure not to squash the cable by inserting the SDR33 head first into the carry pouch.

"Won't switch off"

If you can't switch the SDR33 off (or it looks like it is off but is does not want to warm boot):
Press  ON key for 16 seconds. This'll force the unit to shut down

Program hangs

If the SDR33 locks up and does not respond to any keystrokes anymore, the golden tip (but not secret -it's in the manual) is:

- switch the SDR33 off
- press and hold Func key and also  L key
- press and release ON/OFF key
- now release Func and L key
if the unit does not reboot, try again - timing is everything

Back-up battery low  / dead

The SDR33 uses two 9 Volts block batteries for its normal operation. When these are depleted, the SDR33 is equipped with two lithium batteries (type: 1/3 N) to keep your data alive for a few weeks. Once the lithium batteries are empty you'll see the above error massage. Replace as soon as possible!

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