Aerial Survey (1966)

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Middlesex. A look at how aerial photography helps map makers and motorway designers with a Middlesex firm of surveyors. Top shot of a model of a West African port, a toy boat is pushed into position with a stick. Top shot of another part of the model, a man's hand is placing warehouse models into place. M/S of a man in a white coat sticking working on the model. Aerial view of a motorway partly under construction. M/S of three men carrying equipment to an aeroplane parked outside a hanger. C/U of the navigator looking down his view finder in the nose of the plane. C/U of one of the men fixing together photography equipment. M/S of a man removing a block from wedged under the wheels. C/U of the pilot's hand on a lever. Point of view shot from the nose of the plane as it takes off. Aerial shots of fields. C/U of pilot's hands on the controls. Aerial shots of a town and the motorway as the plane tilts. C/U of the photography looking through the lens of the camera. We see the photographer and the pilot communicating with microphones. C/U of the navigator, taken from outside the plane, as he adjusts his sights. C/U of a lens on the outside of the plane - navigator's viewfinder. Various shots of the photographer adjusting his equipment, more P.O.V shots from the nose. Aerial shot of the motorway. Top shot of a man looking at the photograph negatives over a light box. The photographs are then washed in a bath. M/S of another man laying out aerial photographs on a table. Panning C/U over photographs joined together to show the whole of Jersey, a man guns the photos so they fit like a jigsaw. Various shots of a man making a map from the photos using a stereo plotter, various C/Us of machine's knobs, wheels and the automated pencil that draws the map. More aerial shots of the motorway.

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