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  • hello a greeting from Mexico I have 4 collectors tds recon and I am looking for software, Someone that can support me with the basics to use them 100% thanks
  • Hello Fellow Surveyors,

    I'm again working at another company tasked with creating a survey environment using Survey Pro field software and Civil 3D 2014 office software. I'm ok with the C3D but have used Survey Controller for the past few years. Can someone please step me through the process of loading a list of Field codes into a TDS Ranger using Survey Pro and a Trimble TSC3 using Survey Pro?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You, Paul

  • Hello everyone Best of the new year to you and your families. Im looking for some inexpensive TDS compatiable software to adjust field traverses and sideshots prior to import to LDD-04.I have no real PC software except LDD. I would perfer to do all the adjustments out side of AutoCad. Any direction given would be most appreciated Thanks Dale

  • Hello everyone. I have decided to pick up my surveying skills again. I have been doing a lot of GIS work and put my surveying on the back burner. I have AutoCAD Civil 3D but now I need to learn how to use TDS Foresight DXM and Survey Pro. Anyone out there familiar with the two? I need your help just to get me started.

    You can email me at [email protected]

    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    I'm using a Ranger data collector with Survey Pro software and Nikon total station.I am new to this company and this companys equipment although I have been using Survey Pro for awhile. My new supervisor mentioned that when data is downloaded they receive the distances in slope distance which they then convert to horizontal distances and asked me to look into this.They would like the data in horizontal right off. Could anyone tell me if there is a setting that effects this situation? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Paul

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    ALright guys I need some help. Can I add WiFi to my existing Ranger?
  • Government Professional
    Hello everyone! I am still new at this so please bare with me. I hope to dedicate more time and effort soon.
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Leica TC1010 data colleciton using TDS

I’ve been trying to set up an older Leica-Wild TC1010 for a back-up unit. Though the optics and total station functions are very good, I have not had any luck in downloading data. These units could use either a rec module or data cable to collect data. Establishing successful connection via the data cable and TDS software to either an HP48 or Ranger  have been spotty at best (just a beep or two; but no data or error message).The TDS software lists the TC1000 units as supported and I am now at a…

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