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World Map Vectors for Free

These free downloadable vector world maps could be just the perfect resource you might need for your mapping project.

Download Vector Maps

Vector maps (EPS + SVG) for graphic designers.
Mapas Vectoriales (EPS + SVG) para diseñadores gráficos.

Download project / Descarga del proyecto:

Features / Características:

  • World Map(s) in EPS & SVG formats (vector) / Mapas en formatos EPS y SVG.
  • Robinson Projection / Proyección Robinson.
  • Public Domain Project / Proyecto bajo Dominio Público.
  • Layers ordered and labeled, editable / Capas ordenadas y etiquetadas, editable.
  • Based on Natural Earth and The CIA World FactBook data / Sobre datos de Natural Earth y CIA World FactBook.

Some screenshots / Algunas capturas de pantalla


You can download the vector maps at La Cartoteco Blog


If you are into vector mapping resources, take a look at these fantastic downloadable maps at Web Resources Depot

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