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Land surveyors and explorers alike are no stranger to compasses. GoogleCompass has gone through some major changes lately and still is a great Google Maps tool that enables users to plot and record compass bearings, distances and magnetic declination or variation for single or multiple routes.

Google Compass practice Once you choose between plotting a single-leg or multi-leg route GoogleCompass presents a Google Map with an interactive Silva compass, which is automatically adjusted for differences between magnetic and true north for any location on Earth. Once you have plotted a route with GoogleCompass it can be saved and stored for later retrieval. The GoogleCompass application is a brilliant tool for geography teacher, orienteering enthusiasts and hikers wishing to practise compass reading and plan routes from the comfort of their classroom or armchair.

Google compass records and saves compass bearings, coordinates, distances and magnetic declination or variation for any Google Map route. Google Compass overlays a compass on a Google Map which can then be dragged and positioned to point in any direction. To get started, select either the 'Draw Single Leg' or 'Draw Multi-Legged route' options. Then decide the starting point by using Google's search bar. The compass can then be selected and overlayed on the map. The map style and overlays can be changed at any time from the map menu in the upper-right corner. The map menu only shows when the compass is hidden.

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