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If you have land surveying to do, do NOT click this link, as you might not get very much done.  That link — Newspaper Map — is quite possibly the simplest and coolest way to surf newspapers, visually, online that I’ve ever encountered. It has now become my new favorite use of Google Maps and one of the most original and ambitious uses I’ve seen to date: Practically every newspaper in the world is accounted for — 10,000+ spanning every continent and many languages — are represented in great detail.



Newspapermap: A Map for Newspapers

There seems to be no end to the amount of customizations you can add to your settings.  I can’t stop tweaking it and playing around with the settings. You can sort by language — only English, por favor? Or by address/city/country/etc. Over the past couple of days I’ve pretty much just enjoyed twirling around through the globe hunting the most obscure or isolated newspapers and newspapers which report on Land Surveying and the Geospatial Industry, of course. You can even load it on your smart phone and play around with the app version. Just take a look at the US English papers to give you an idea of how extensive their listing is:



Navigation of Newspapermap

Navigation and translation on Newspapermap is super simple.  If you go to the map and click on one of the thousands of placemarks, it brings up a pop-up with a link to the page, a screenshot of the homepage, and links to social media sites affiliated with the page. It also — and this is especially cool when you’re looking at papers in languages you don’t speak — Newspapermap will offer to translate the site for you.



Following Newspapermap

So when you're not land surveying or you're just enjoying your lunch hour why not waste the afternoon looking at the map and discovering papers and news from across the world. Want to follow Newspaper Map updates? They’re even onTwitter and Facebook.

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