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Land Surveyors Global Map

global surveyors mapI'm glad we started this group forum, as it will give us all an opportunity to discuss and explore the different versions of our global member map as created in different mapping platforms. Below you will see our global map of land surveyors (members of Land Surveyors United) created using the profile information provided by members (minus email addresses and private information, of course). This version was created using a service called Batchgeo.

A Map of Land Surveyors made with Batchgeo

You will see that this map is slightly different than our official member mapas it has points of concentration.

How This Map Was Made

Depending on how accurate your profile information is, you should see your placemark in or around the place where you live and work. If not, you can either edit your profile info and wait for the next update (usually once per week) or send a message to Gary Breisch (our mapping administrator) with your corrected geolocation. Most surveyors are already aware of their latitude and longitude, but if you are having trouble with this, simply use our Geopicker to find yours and then place it into your profile.

Next up! Fusion Tables

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