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I created a spreadsheet to explain the collimation methods calculations to my surveying students, they found it very useful, hope that you will to !!! Just remember this is for 1st year students and beginners.

please all feedback is welcome

Calculation for levelling -- Collimation method or what ever else its called

Download the File Below or

Download collimationmethodeexplained.pdf




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  • Hello Rolita,   Saw this thought you want it. for your class.

     go here to look at everything ,lots of good stuff.

     ALso  ask your class what a ThaLweg is i just featured it on Hydro. group that you are a member of.

     have a nice day,   billy
    • GeoEducator

      thanks looks interesting, but we teach lower levels and basics will be able to use it for my research though  

    • HI Rolita ,again. Just thought it might help. I have run  first order levels for the corps of Eng. on the Mississippi  River  The Instrument had a micrometer attached to it and the rods have three faces  you read to the nearest .001 on two sides then the third the same ,then take the micrometer and move the center hair to the nearest .005 between the hundred marks. You may have to move it up or down then read the rod and then read the micrometer. All the shot had to be at the same dist. bs and fs had to match.  I think now they use the metric system because I did a survey on a navy, army base and they told to use metric system to lay out the buildings . I have spent my share of time on the water on rivers and lakes to. Be sure to go to  M N dot site above you there is a lot of  good stuff there a  Level program adjustment.  talk to you later.


  • HI everyone , You can also get a very good computer program at MN dot, call MN level. this program reads, and adjust a comma-delimited file that contains field data for a level run,as output  by Trimble Geomatic's Office .A very good program.


    MnDOT Survey Tools and Technology
    The Minnesota Department of Transportation provides its home page with links to its regional offices, bid letting, construction, future highway plans…
  • Thanks for this Rolita!

  • GEO Ambassador

    another great idea!  thanks Rolita!  this will come in handy!

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