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 Hi Everyone, Any of you HP 35s user write equation to use in your every day work . Or is your equation list empty. IT shouldn't be. Many survey problems can be solve with a equation or two. and what else is it good for. Did you know that you can store a data list of things you need to remember. and anything else.. in your daily life . even a program list , so you want forget what program letter does what. Test takers have along list when they step in there to take their  test this calculator is allowed in the test and anything in it. .So stay tuned  and find out what a HP 35s can do for you. Equation are just the beginning.

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  • Hello Everyone, And, like I said, your equations list is more important than you think.
    Many times have you been on a job and you forgot that equation or constant number to calculate a sum a volume or area. Well here is your answer. The eqn. key on your calculator. If you have typed a message in a program then you know how to do this. Even your equation names and what you are solving A thru Z. First I will get you started on what you can store. There is a lot of memory there. Lets say that you are taking your survey Exam. What are some of the things you need to know. Is first you need to know what program does what or you will be at a complete lose on what program do I use . Simply make a program list in the calculator. Remember you're in a test and you're limited on what you can take in. So press equ and now you're in. Below the EQU list scroll down past your equations so you won't type over them to the last equ. Next to the bottom of the display and press RCL before each letter there is also a space key  type.
    PROGRAM LIST this will be on the bottom line.
    A= SSS       B= SAS
    C=SAA        D=ASA
    E=SSA        F=SUBT
    I=INV AZ      J=AA I
    K=DD I         L=CRV LO
    M=LOS-P     N=LOS-L
    O=OCPT      P=PT=AD
    Q=AD I         R=RTOSP
    S=SUBG      T=B TRAV
    U=LTOSP     V= SUBT
    W=SUBT      X=SUBL
    Y=SUBL       Z=SUBT

    Now you have all your programs and know what they are. This list is mine, in one of my HP 33s it works just like the HP 35s. note where you see SUB with a letter after. This is a subroutine of that prog. Like Z is subroutine of T meaning Bearing Traverse, you notice that W and V is also a sub.of trav, And this is in your calculator now for where ever you are. So when I forget or have not used it in a while all I have to do is look at my list. That is always with me in the calculator. And we are just getting started.


    • Good Day Everyone, I would like to talk  again on what else you can store in your EQN list.The same can be done for your equations  as I just show you for your programs. I used the alpha  string on the programs because they have to be this because that is there name and it can only be 26 of them in the HP 33s , In the  Hp 35. you could also list your subroutines program line numbers so this list could be set up alphanumeric , to contain  any xeq . program line. But lets move on.So next I  will set a equation contents list.Just like the program list, set up a header title before you start the list.




      3.TANGENT OS

      4. CURVE TAN




      R=T / TAN(D / 2)

      2.CURVE  LENTH

      L= PIE x R x D  /  180

      3.TANGENT OS

      O= C x SIN (D  / 2)

      4. CURVE TANG

      T= R x TAN (D /2 )


      D= 5729.58  /  R

       Now you know where the equation is that you need . Place them in categories like curve type  together  triangles types  together  etc. And all of this is with you and your calculator where every you are. Next I will talk about a Data list.


    • Hi Everyone,  Now it's time ,if you are planning on taking your test is to be prepared. When you walk in that room you will have a lot on your mind. And will only have so much time to take that test , the one thing to help to remember every thing  is in your hand .Your calculator because every thing in it is allowed in the test.So keep this in mind. Start you a data list in the equation memory.  This also be helpful to those who use this calculator every day at work.

       So lets create a list .If you like call it what every you want. but i will use Data list.

       And you can add anything that you think you might need.

             Data    list

      01. 1 ACRE= 43560. sq ft.

      02. 1 ACRE=4046.9731sq. met.

      03. 1 ROD=  16.5 ft.

      04. 1 ROD=1 POLE

      05. 1 ROD=1 PERCH

      06. 1 ROD=25 LINKS

      07. 1 LINK=0.66 ft

      08. 1 CHAIN=66 ft

      09. 80 CHAINS=5280 ft

      10.80 CH= 320 RODS

      11.1 VARA=2.7778 ft

      12. 36 VARAS=100 ft

      13. VARAS / 0.36= FT

      14 FTx 0.36= VARAS

      15.1 IN=0.03 VARAS

      16. LABOR=1000 VARAS

      17. LEAGUE=5000VARAS

      18.SQ LABOR=177.14 AC.

      19.SQ LEAGUE=4428.4739AC.

      20. FT to METERS

      21. FTx0.3048006= M

      22.1 METER=39.3709 IN

      23.1 METER=3.2808 FT


      25. =20906000. FT


      27.LEVEL  M=MILES


      29.EARTH DIA

      30 = 7926 MILES

      31. ENGLISH ROD

      32. = 5.5 YARDS

          END DATA LIST

       This is just example of a data list yours can be on the data you will need for your test and your work. And all this is with YOU, and your calculator.

      You can even add any personal data but keep it secure.Next I will talk about trig for triangles equations and there list.

  • Hello Justin, Thank you for this reply, this is good info.Equation are easier to use than in the past, if you could not remember it ,you had to find it, or you had it written down, somewhere . but this is very good for a student or someone taking  their surveying tests. Stored in this calculator might  be the difference of you passing it or not.But in today's world you use computers in every thing  and it easy to become totally  automatic ,so stop and smell the roses sometime.and this is away to do that.Remove not the ancient landmarks which thy fathers have set. This is good advice in your ability  also.


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    Good question!  Here is a demo i found for doing just that from

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