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Repeater Set Up?

Hello, could someone please walk me through configuring and setting up a repeater? I have a Pacific Crest HPB450 radio. I have a lot of options for GPS equipment...we have a R7, 5700,5800,4800.... trimark3's....multiple antenna types. We can also connect to a network using cell phone/internet connection. We have cobs and cors stations available. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,Paul

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  • I'm happy to hear that. Repeater really extends the range! We call it bank shots like in pool (billiards) since we can now reach around mountain corners and the like.

    Take care,


  • Paul,


    Set your HPB450 up as you usually would. Bring your Trimark 3 to the point from which you want to rebroadcast (this point being within range of the signal of the HPB) and set it to the same frequency. Now push the mode button until the T3 says "repeater 1" and it will pick up (any) signal on that freq and rebrodcast it. If you want to get fancy, depending on your bps you can add a second repeater. This is covered in pages 13, 17, and 36 of the manual. Note: if you are usting full RTCM 2.x messages, you can't use a repeater at 4800bps ... verify you are on CMR. CMR and 9600bps allows you to set up 2; I've never tried that.


    Good luck.

    • Hello Rich,

      I got that repeater set up as you advised, works great...Thanks Again, Paul

    • Thanks Rich, I'll set things up tomorrow and let you know how it goes...Paul
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