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No big deal!

Don't know why its such a big deal to be a female land surveyor. I can pound re-bar into frozen ground and I can cut line and my field notes are damn good. Most times with my hair up and vest on no one realizes I am a women. There are always a few Bubba's out there.

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  • I am proud of you.. Please continue inspiring me.
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      it is my hope that by this time next year we all have found our individuals ways of inspiring one another...surveying isn't's just been asleep for a couple hundred years
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    I big deal but the purpose for a group for female land surveyors is not to illuminate differences between genders, but rather because there are so very few female land surveyors out there that I think all surveyors should know that indeed there are women surveyors out there who might very well "take them to school" when it comes to cutting line, turning angles, closing corners or anything else in the field. So to be clear...agreed, no big deal. But due to actual numbers in the profession i think we all can agree that the statistics show female surveyors to be a minority...a very misunderstood minority at that.
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