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getting lost coordinates out of measured angles


I'm new to this forum. This is actually my first post, and  a reason why i joined land surveyors united. I'm an archeology student in Slovenia and have been working at excavations as excavator, documentalist and surveyor for about 5 years. I've encountered a problem processing information in autocad from an IDX imported file. At that day (in summer) i had to survey using REC button on my leica total station ( dont remember which model excectly because i was working with different total stations at the project). I had to do it using REC because the signal was too strong at that sunny summer day. I surveyed atleast five 20 x 2 x 3 m test ditches using that function and all but one turned out normal. At that one it only measured angles and distances but it didnt measure any coordinates. As i did a little research i found out I could retrieve that information if i had exported the raw file as GSI in GeoOffice, which sadly isn't the case, because at our firm the standarts require using IDX exported files. And since the excavation was almost half a year ago the raw file doesn't exist anymore. So does anyone have any idea how could i retrieve those coordinates from angles and distances measured? Sorry for the potential noob question. I am a self learner on surveying :). Any answer would  be helpfull


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