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Land Surveyor

In the past, if you wanted to know the distance between two nearby points, you either had to use a tape measure or an expensive surveyor. The Land Surveyor app is designed to function with a GPS unit in your Android device to record the distance traversed between two or more points. Simply activate the app, move from your point of origin to the destination and allow the app to tell you the distance in between the two. With an accuracy meter also provided, you can determine just how accurate the measurement is as well. Available for all Android devices, the Land Surveyor app can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Total Station Survey

If you already have survey station equipment on hand but want an easier way to view and inspect the information gathered, then the Total Station Survey app is an excellent selection. Available on Google Play for free, this app can be downloaded to any Android device and be used to inspect property in horizontal angle mode and slope distance mode. It can also obtain the horizontal distance between two points. Users can tweak these settings to achieve optimal results, and Bluetooth connectivity is able for Android devices running version 2.3.

The need for land surveyors is a demand that has existed for hundreds and hundreds of years. In the past, surveyors had to use rudimentary tools in order to assess a given area of land or property, but times have changed since the first surveyors set out to determine the scope of the land around them. As technology has continued to blossom, it has become so prevalent in our everyday lives that it offers solutions for just about any activity. While many surveyors are familiar with the expensive pieces of equipment necessary in order to do their jobs, mobile technology is quickly catching up and will soon provide an equally powerful yet dramatically cheaper option for those who need it. If you are a surveyor or are simply interested in all that it entails, continue reading to find out more about three Android apps designed to provide additional surveying capabilities.

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