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This is the Welcome Hub for Land Surveyors United!  Say Welcome. Introduce yourself to the surveyor community!  In this hub you can learn all about the tools, resources and features of the Land Surveyors United Community.  We look forward to learning about your adventures in land surveying!

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hello surveyor!

After getting your profile in shape, Here are a few simple things you can do to get started and find your way around:
1.Invite your fellow surveyors or your survey crew to join you:
2.Learn How to Add Content and learn how to get started with your community profile:
3.Check out our Surveyor Apps and use them to easily post from the field or find information
4.If you are searching for Employment Opportunities in Land Surveying, you can start here:
5. Where to upload surveying photos (please make sure you provide proper titles,descriptions and proper category):
All Hubs have Photos sections as well so feel free to post in the appropriate hub.
6: Where to share Surveying Videos:
7.  Join and contribute to hubs based on Location, Equipment or Special Topics in Surveying:

Our community works best when you can choose the types of information that you are involved with and get notices about. The best way to customize your community experience is to Join/Follow Hubs based on your surveying interests, equipment you use and most importantly, your Location. So, the first thing you'll want to do is find your Local Chapter Hub and Follow/Join it by clicking the Join Button on the hub. Every hub has it's own Photos Section for posting surveying photos and a discussion forum for discussing Local Land Surveying subjects.

If you are a company owner you can list your company information inside the Company Directory for your location.

After following your Local Chapter Hub (Let us know if you cannot find your country) you can follow hubs based on your equipment, software or type of land surveying you are involved in. Each hub is full of members who use the equipment, so asking questions inside Hub forums will get you more targeted feedback.

If you are looking for a job, set your member status to "Seeking Employment."  If you are a Vendor and would like to have us set up a Marketplace Hub for your business, let us know here.
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