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Utah Land Surveyors is a support group forum for UCLS members on the network, professional land surveyors and Land Surveyors United members who live and work in the state of Utah, USA.  Share experiences in surveying from Utah!

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Salt Lake City Geomatics (Surveying) Program

Geomatics (Surveying) is a timeless career. Its beginnings date back to early scientists and explorers who used crude tools and methods to map their surroundings. Driven by human's desire to own property and the need to  describe its bounds and locations, surveying has become a career that is a critical component of modern science. Some of the first land surveyors in the United States delineated the borders of the states we call home today.

The Geomatics (Surveying) program serves three distinct purposes:

  1. Provides students having little or no experience with the skills needed for employment as a surveyor;
  2. Gives those already working in the profession additional knowledge needed to prepare for their professional licensing examinations; and
  3. Gives licensed professionals opportunities for upgrade training on new issues and equipment in surveying.

Courses are flexibly offered onsite and online to accommodate students already working in the profession.

SLCC is one of  two Geomatics programs in the state of Utah that offers a degree in Geomatics (Surveying). The instructors in the program are all experienced, licensed surveyors , and are members of the Utah Council of Land Surveyors.


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