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Tersus GNSS Inc. (“Tersus”) is a leading Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Integrated Solution Provider. We enable each centimeter in the world pinpoint accurately. Our offerings and services are used to make high precision and dynamics navigation and positioning possible, providing accurate and reliable position, velocity and absolute orientation information anywhere, at any time.

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Tilt Compensation- Accuracy and Usability Testing
What is Tersus GNSS to You?
A 'point cloud' collected by Tersus Oscar GNSS receiver?
NUWA detailed operation_V1
Free of calibration, activate it by simply shaking your Oscar Ultimate.
Be with Tersus Oscar
Speed up your work on-site-Oscar GNSS Receiver
Oscar GNSS Receiver Tilt Initialization Detailed Operation_V2
Tersus Vlog in Lijiang City
Oscar Drop Test
Oscar Waterproof Test
Oscar Working with TCS

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