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how can i solve this problem?

Hi guys some question hope you can help me. what if i have only one known benchmark and this bench mark is oriented and approved by the municipality how can i use this with out any other known back sight.and perform a correct topographic survey? so if i will try to import my topographic survey in civil 3d and view in the Google earth it gives me the correct location of the coordinates and elevation .note no G.P.S. equipment just only total station..that i have any idea or any experience surveyor or master can help me? free station also is not accepted 

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  • Oriented to? Where in assir ronald? Most mmunicipalities here use ain abd 38n, naka offset yan sa wgs 84 38n  na default ng ge.

  • Everytime you use your total station, you're employing the local coordinate system. This means that it is not strictly compatible with the Civil 3D when zoning/coordinate system is not implemented in the drawing. In addition, Civil 3D only recognizes the WGS84 coordinate system in Google Earth during image importation thus no transformation is performed. When your drawing environment or your survey coordinate system employs a non-WGS84, the Google Earth image when imported would yield offsetting due to Civil 3D incompatibility limitation. This would apparently provide Google Earth image not in proper position.

    Pertaining to your question on how to handle proper positioning of your topo map, all you need to do is perform map transformation.

    Hope this helps.

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    Im afraid that its not possible to have a precise location of the surveyed points/coordinates without at least 2-known points as reference. . 

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