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Yachting Australia is inviting expressions of interest from land surveyors with strong sailing backgrounds in Australia’s capital cities to assist in measuring yachts for the ORCi rating system.

ORCi is a rating system that has evolved from IMS and is partly dependent on accurate hull data so that a boat’s potential performance can be calculated.

The hull file is a 3D model collected using a reflectorless total station, the model is used in the ORC Manager 2 software in conjunction with data from in water tests of the boat’s righting moment and measurement of the rig and sails to produce a detailed rating.

Measurement of a boat’s hull typically takes one day on the hardstand, but needs some preparation and follow-up data editing to complete the entire hull measurement process.

Ian Souter, land surveyor and Sydney-based sailor, is currently assisting Yachting Australia with measurement.

“The measurement process is pretty simple for someone who has the gear, can operate a theodolite, and has an understanding of either dinghy class measurement, or rating systems,” he said. “Now that we’ve done a couple of complete hull measurements, and with my background as an International 420 class measurer, it’s an easy enough task for us.”

In-water testing, such as inclining and measurement of the freeboards, rig and sails required by ORCi, are a separate process undertaken by a Yachting Australia appointed Measurer and can be done at any other time.

So that it can maintain its capacity to service this area of the sport, Yachting Australia is looking to increase its network of people who have the appropriate skills and experience to measure hulls for ORCi.

Land surveyors with access to a reflectorless total station and sundry surveying equipment, who also have a strong background in ocean racing, rating systems or class measurement, can contact Glen Stanaway at Yachting Australia by emailing [email protected] or by phoning 02 8424 7408.

Priority areas for Yachting Australia are Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth, where boats are currently waiting to be measured. Yachting Australia would like to hear from interested land surveyors in these cities as soon as possible.

Details about ORCi can be found at and

Craig Heydon, Yachting Australia


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