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    Although, technically, I'm not a land surveyor LSU Justin sent out the call for some info regarding polar surveying.  The US Antarctic program has one full time surveyor in McMurdo station - the largest research base on the continent.  Support staff in Antarctica have been employed by Raytheon Polar Services since 1999.  However, recently NSF chose Lockheed Martin for the next 4.5 year contract  <new contract>.  

    Our work at the Polar Geospatial Center involves collecting ground control to improve geospatial data in the McMurdo Sound Region.  

    In the photo below, I'm collecting a GCP about 100 m from what could be the lowest (exposed) point in Antarctica.  I'd be happy to answer any questions you guys might have (its often easier that way).1201185422?profile=original?width=721

    • I was almost chosen to go a little over a year ago, I made it to the final stages of interviewing but they chose another because I didn't have an LSIT and the other applicant did.  It is a shame really, I would absolutely love to do this.

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