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Life Without GPS - Consider it possible thanks to LightSquared


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE --- August 4, 2011

CONTACT: CURT SUMNER – [email protected]


If you love your Garmin or your Tom Tom, you better learn how to read a map!


LightSquared’s “Solution” to a Problem THEY Caused Will Wipe Out GPS


GPS, as we know it, will end soon --- thanks to the FCC and a company called LightSquared. Earlier this year, LightSquared, a Reston, VA
satellite-terrestrial broadband network company, was granted a
temporary waiver by the FCC to deploy 40,000 ground stations as part
of their wireless 4G broadband network ---- there is only one
problem, the LightSquared 4G broadband network will wipe out
nationwide GPS; and they know it!


Tests have shown that if LightSquared is allowed to precede with its plan, virtually all GPS units across the country, at all levels, will be rendered
useless. LightSquared offered three “solutions” to the problems
its plan will cause, but they all come up short. The only real
solution is for LightSquared to move far away from the GPS spectrum,
which is something it blatantly refuses to do.


GPS users have one last opportunity to save GPS as we know it. Call your Member of Congress --- or better yet, visit them in person (and bring your GPS)
--- tell them you want them to take action to prevent LightSquared
and the FCC from destroying GPS, and you want them to do it now.
Tomorrow may be too late. If LightSquared is allowed to proceed ---



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