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Javad Calls for End to P-Code Encryption


Javad Calls for End to P-Code Encryption?  This man is a genius and my next GPS equipment is likely to be PURPLE!

To Solve LightSquared Issue, Javad Calls for End to P-Code Encryption  
To solve the LightSquared
versus GPS controversy, Javad Ashjaee, president and CEO of JAVAD GNSS, has
appealed directly to President Obama to discontinue the encryption of P-code,
the restricted military GPS signal. His comments came in the context of the LightSquared/GPS
interference imbroglio, as part of his solution to the conflict over spectrum.
"This policy is not helping national security. It is hurting both
precision users and the broadband project. We need more broadband, for global,
fast, and inexpensive real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS."



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    ......purple only if Javad changes from the former bright green flagships in the Javad lineup!   (I always wanted a purple GPS receiver - such a regal color)  Just a suggestion Mr. Javad.   Compared to the Fords and the Chevys of the GPS world, I think that Javad is comparable to a Ferrari in the performance category.
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