• Try Kenya, and do you need any partner??

  • hi,

    I am certainly sure Tanzania will be a perfect selection for you, the country is quite peaceful and the people here are so kind and friendly.

    In addition the field of land surveying in Tanzania is expanding and showing a promising future, only about ten percent of the land has been surveyed and in addition there are quite a large number of mining companies operating on the land which will definitely require consultancy on various issues concerned with land measurements.

    In time being there are no many land surveying companies hence giving to an opportunity of doing business and taking part in the forming of the foundation for the industry development.

    rogers e.

  • GeoEducator

    HI There


    This is a very good question.

    I would advise a country that is politically stable.

    If you are Considiring to be based in South Africa I would advise that you investigate there survey laws and regulations, as they are very strict and have a very good system in place for their surveyors and Prof Land surveyors.


    I am trying to locate an elctronic copy for you, but don't want to make promises just yet.


    The other option for you would be to base your company in one of the french speaking countries as that is your language,


    my knowledge of these countires is limeted so maybe some of our other members in this group can comment please



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