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Volunteers Needed for Surveyor Community

We are in search of a few internet savvy surveyors to help with the daily operations of maintaining the community.   At first this will be a voluntary position with social benefits but as we become more sustainable, we will be able to pay for your help.   The following are just a few of the tasks which need to happen every single day. 


Typical Tasks of a Community Volunteer

On Site:

Screen new applications to join to make sure they are land surveyors before accepting them to community

Welcome new members to the community 

Approve new blog posts that are waiting for appropriate content

Try to help members who post a discussion find a solution to their problem

Share recent Land Surveying related news with the community

Upload or embed new helpful videos which come available for surveyors

Reply to feedback from members


On Facebook:

We change out the cover photo on our page everyday and answer questions through messenger. We currently have over 54k followers to this page.

Accept/Decline new members to our Private Group and approve or delete posts which are relevant and fit into the group, eliminating those who try to spam. We currently have over 36k members in this group.


If you believe you might be willing and able to help with any of these tasks please send a message to Justin.

Become a SURVambassador for Land Surveyors United

Land Surveyors United hosts Group Hubs dedicated all of the countries of the world. Each hub has its own forum which needs an Ambassador (administrator)in charge of local outreach and sharing location specific surveying related resources. So...Would YOU like to be the leader of your local hub surveyor support hub? It should take less than 1 hour per week to fullfill this role.


With now over 16k+ members from all parts of the world, our community is growing at a fast rate and need your help with moderation of your local group on Land Surveyors United. You can see all of our location-based hubs YOU follow are listed here. If you do not see a group for your area, please indicate your location in the form below and a group will be created for you to moderate.Local Leaders on Land Surveyors United

Moderation involves the following tasks and can be accomplished easily in your spare time:

  1.  Reporting /sharing Surveying News for your area inside your hubs community discussions
  2.  Inviting your local surveyors to the hub and building a micro-community of surveyors to strengthen the industry locally and globally
  3. Sharing useful and educational links with your fellow surveyors in your geographic area
  4. Adding local surveyor events and projects to your hub
  5.  Represent Land Surveyors United at your local surveyor events and conferences


What You will Have that Regular Members Do Not

Your Own Back-office and Dashboard

Ability to add/remove pages to Hub

Ability to Import Entire Youtube and Vimeo Channels

Ability to Add Several Forums for Different TopicsLocal Leaders on Land Surveyors United

Ability to Invite Local Surveyors to Submit Articles and Stories

Your name added to our Company Page and Organizational Structure

Benefits Are Growing Daily!

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