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Schonstedt power switch

Hoping someone might be able to help us out here. We use older Schonstedt metal locators that have the power/volume knob as a single unit. Apparently, they no longer make replacements switches for this component. Is there anywhere that we can go to get a replacement switch to work for this? Even with slight alteration required to the unit, still should be a big savings to replace the switch over purchasing new one. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • I sent my old Schonstedt to the factory and had it rebuilt for $375.

    New electronics, new speaker, fresh paint, new decal and all.

    I would think they would retrofit a new switch on their R&D time.


  • Schonstedt is a really good company and you can probably give them your old unit and purchase a new one for a fraction of the first time cost. 


  • Hi Robert,

    You have gotten some good reply's,but here in Dallas Tx, contact these folks they may can help you.

    Atlas Electronics,Inc

    2737 Irving Blvd Dallas TX,75207

    question? Call Now 214-631-2901, or www

    6 month warranty,100% Satisfaction,  flat rate $175 on all locators also repairs for data collectors.

    if this does not help you maybe someone else.

  • GeoEducator

    I am sure that what matters is the size of the knob's shaft (or whatever the real word is), which is listed on each item's individual description page.

    One of the knob said this on its individual description page, with a link to the older part:

    For older GA models, other than the GA-52Cx and GA-72Cd (models which operate on 9V batteries) you will need to order K20013.

    Hope this helps!!
  • Thanks for the advice, gents. Unfortunately, Schonstedt doesn't have parts for this anymore. Just called them. Hoping Mouser might be able to help me. Waiting on a response from them.

  • You have a couple of good responses so far. Its a simple on/off POT switch and I am sure they still make it. The Schonstedt facility is just up the road from me (10 miles) and I have our old units rebuilt there. Mouser electronics is sure to have it. Where is a Radio Shack when you need one!

  • At one point they would remanufacture the entire unit for a couple hundred bucks. Have you checked 3rd. party repair companies? It is just a rheostat switch. If you can get the specs on it, you should be able to find one that will work.

  • Remove the switch (or have a buddy confident with electronics do it). Look for identifying part numbers on it. Go to a local electronics supply house and ask if they can help. A personal visit will, in the right store, gain the interest of the counter agent and you will get first class advice. If not try another.

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