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Safety Policy and Documentation

The degree of accountability for employers in Occupational Health and Safety is enormous, and ever rising.

Workplace safety is an issue any business owner must address, and failure to do so can result in Hefty fines or imprisonment if a worker is injured.

I am wondering what Survey specific safety policies some of you have worked under.

In particular, what do the Job Safety Analysis and Risk Assessments include or look like? What are the most common hazards and risks that you identify when completing these documents?

If we all alert each other to unseen or unrecognized hazards, we just might prevent injuries to our Survey Brothers!


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    Common sense is not good enough when it comes to safety.  A land surveyor should be as aware of his environment within the context of safety as he is within the context of being cost effective, or being careful about his measurements and notes.  Remember, I am not talking about common sense safety.  Regulated safety practices differ between regions.  Most regulations are dictated by a governing body.  A country, state, county, parish, city, village, or township or even a certain client may all have different regulations regarding safety.  The bottom line is that learning which safety regulations apply where you are working can be as important as learning first-aid or CPR.  That being said, I would like to defer to Darren Noble, since it is true that the more geolocated certain practices can be categorized among our members, the better chance there may be that we all survey another day without incident.

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