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DURABILITY OF BEARING TREES- A Guide for Nevada Surveyors

I found a helpful guide to the Durability of Bearing Trees on the Nevada Surveyors Site Compiled and prepared by C. Albert White, Portland Service Center Revised by Daryl K. Moistner (2008)


It is impossible to make a firm statement concerning the durability of trees by type or species. Generally speaking the most durable trees are the non-resinous conifers: yew, cedar, and redwood. The hemlocks are non-resinous but are very inferior to the previous three. Next in order are the resinous conifers: pines, firs, spruce and tamarack or larch. But lodgepole pine is inferior in most cases to fir and white fir inferior to spruce. The deciduous hardwoods are the least desirable: maple, alder, birch, willow. Exceptions are some of the desert species. Such as ironwood, and the white oak and live oak types. The durability of a tree when marked for a bearing tree is of great importance to the Cadastral Surveyor. The original bearing trees are one of the primary methods used to determine the position of the original corner point. The surveyor must be able to identify the many tree species for which he is searching, not only by the proper common name but also by the common name used by the original surveyor, he should know what to expect in his search because of the widely divergent growth habits, growth rate, life span and resistance to decay of the many tree types. The methods of blazing and marking the trees by the original surveyor will play a large part in the search also. When marking new bearing trees judgment must be made in selecting the most durable species available and proper method of marking to prevent excessive injury, or even destruction of the tree. When marking a bearing tree be sure of the identification and enter the correct common name in the field notes. Distinguish between the various species in the tree family. There is a world of difference between a Ponderosa pine and a Knob cone pine; or a California live oak and a California black oak.


read more of this guide to bearing trees by visiting the Nevada Land Surveyors Site

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