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Huge List of Montana Surveying Tools

I came across a lot of terrific tools for conversion of coordinates and placement of natural resources in Montana, which i thought may come in handy.

Digital Atlas of Montana
An interactive mapping tool for accessing a wide variety of information about Montana's counties, streams, towns, and watersheds.

Topographic Map Finder (Topofinder)
Browse Montana's USGS topographic maps and automatically zoom to any point based on latitude/longitude, township/range/section, place name, or quadrangle name.

TopoFinder II
An alternate version of the Topofinder application. It incorporates a friendlier user interface and takes advantage of our seamless raster data coverages.

Adobe's SVG Viewer plug-in version 3.0 is required. You can download this from Adobe or our site. Both links are on our Getting Started page.
Natural Heritage Tracker
View statewide distribution for all Montana's animals.  With a login you can submit your own animal observations.
Montana Field Guide
This guide provides information on identification, habitat, ecology, reproduction, range, and distribution of Montana's animals and plants, including species of concern, along with references and photographs.
A consortium of universities, non-profit organizations and government agencies working within Montana to advance the availability and timely distribution of remotely sensed data.
Montana Fisheries Information System
Detailed fisheries and stream information on over 4,500 streams and lakes.
Montana Fishing Guide
Easy to use guide packed with angling and recreation information on Montana's fishable waters.
Montana Hunting Planner
Easy access to Montana hunting district maps, statistics, and regulations.
Clean Water Act Information Center
CWAIC is the Department of Environmental Quality's public access clearinghouse for obtaining information on federal and state mandated 305(b)/303(d) water quality reports, public comment, water quality laws, and Montana's water quality programs.
Water Right Query System
Query, report, and map Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Water Right Data.
DEQ's Online Query Service
This service allows you to search several DEQ databases for information on facilities which may generate or handle hazardous wastes and sites that may contain potentially hazardous substances and/or petroleum products.
Public Water Supplies
Search the Department of Environmental Quality's Source Water Protection Program database for Source Water Assessments and maps of Montana's public water supplies.
404 Permit Finder
Interactive query and mapping of Army Corps of Engineers stream and wetland permits since 1990.

MT Water Quality Tracker
This database contains information about all the water quality monitoring sites available from 12 Federal, State, Tribal, and Private agencies in Montana. The application contains links to data about each site and maps of the site areas.

Today's Air
View current and historic air quality data at Montana's air quality monitoring stations.

Big Hole Watershed Mapping Project
An internet mapping tool for the Big Hole watershed, developed for state and federal agencies working to benefit fluvial arctic grayling habitat.
The Montana Place Names Companion
If you’ve ever wondered who named Alzada or if you’ve ever pondered about the origin of Zortman, the Montana Historical Society and the Montana State Library have developed the perfect Web site for you. "The Montana Place Names Companion" is now freely available via the Internet at:
Montana Legislature Maps
Click on a legislative district to see contact information for its legislators, for each legislature from 1995 through the presentLegislative District Snapshots.
Montana State Plane Coordinate Conversion
This page has links to on-line forms that allow you to covert back and forth between Latitude/Longitude coordinates and Montana State Plane Coordinates.
Montana Public Land Survey Subsection Finder
Tell us the quarter section, or even quarter/quarter/quarter/quarter section, you want to find, and we will estimate its position for you in Latitude/Longitude coordinates and show it to you on the Topofinder.
Latitude/Longitude Format Conversion Tool
Convert between Decimal Degrees, Degrees and Decimal Minutes, and Degrees-Minutes-Seconds.

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