DSWORLD. Does every Land Surveyor in the United States use DSWORLD?  This is the only way to import NGS benchmarks into Google Earth by either State and County, or a variety of other ways.  It uses KML to plot the benchmarks on the surface of the Earth and provides metadata such as the datasheet and a way to submit a recovery of a benchmark that may not have been used for 70 years (which benefits the profession as a whole).  

I will get into submitting recovery information in another discussion.  In the interim, here is the link to find and download this time saver.


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  • Scott, you can get Terramodel for free, and it should come with a command gckmlout and gckmlin, for importing and exporting kml files.  When you export, it asks if you're on county coordinates or NAD 83 or many other choices, including formats for other countries.  Let me know if you need help with this.


    • Thanks, Dean.  

      Is finding the free download for Terramodel a simple google search or is there more to it?

      I am assuming that I could upload the KML data to Google Earth and see my projects all relative to each other?

      P.S. Happy Birthday!  

      -Scott D. Warner, R.L.S.

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