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3071873878?profile=RESIZE_710x HP48gx for surveying landHello Everyone, In the calculator world HP has hit some Home Runs in its time. Starting back with the original HP 35 to the little HP 25 to the HP 67 to the HP 41cx and the well used HP 48 gx. Ever one i just mention was well used in the surveying world and many more that i left out. Some of these even came with surveying programs. Now the programming is left up to us. When i started writing  RPN in 1976 I was amazed  how this made my math much easier to do. Plus to know how correct it was. Then came the HP 41cx with the Survey Pac. , this was a dream come true. Then it was not to long the HP 48 appeared, then final the HP 48 gx with its program cards and the ram cards to back it up. SMI and TDS play a big part in the following years. If you used a Data collector that was a calculator, this was the dual role that it played. now the world has changed to more computer type collectors in the field. This also leaves the surveyor in the field wishing he or she had a calculator. This is how this gap is filled with the only RPN calculator made today. Some in the world do not use a RPN  logic calculator. HP has even went so far as to have both modes for those who do not. There is nothing wrong with Algebraic expressions ,I just like RPN logic. There are less steps in programming. But on with this story on how this little calculator stack up with the models that came before it. Lets first look at programming, and this list may surprise you.Even for those who write RP Lisp. and the new HP PPL Language  for HP Prime.  The HP 35s. will surprise you.

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  • Student Surveyor

    I would like to know more about HP 48 GX calculator. How it can be used as a data collector?

    • HI, The 48GX uses TDS or SMI program cards the TDS must have a ram card with it, the SMI can work with or without one. All mine where stolen but you can still find them. Good luck. the 48 was uses for many years as a data collector it is sad that HP has gotten out of the Survey industry.

      The HP 35s is also gone, so there is no RPN calculator for surveying by HP.You may find one but it will cost $200.00 or more so Sit's good luck with your test.Amazon has both calculators if you do not have one.

  • Hi Everyone, Here are some more HP 35 programs, You Math and Science students will love these.

    They are by Dr.D.G. Simps,on Physical Science and Engineering of Prince George College. Label DVI programs.

  •  Hi Everyone,  Using a calculator, it seems  you always run out of program Labels Except on the 41 Cx, of course i am talking RPN programs, The HP 32 only had 26 or A thru Z the same for the 33, But things changed on the HP 35s. Now you can use program line numbers,this has been on other Hp calculators,But the 32 and the 33 were limited  by A thru Z, But  using these line numbers lets you have more program labels. also if you still get low, you can always piggyback a program. Chose a program and one with a End return ,RTN, then add line 2, after the RTN, it will now be line ? , but remove the label of your piggyback , now this program is like a subroutine , but it is not because this piggy program can not call  the piggyback, when you add the RTN to the piggyback, there is where it will stop and will XEQ on the line you first added as the piggyback ,that is your programs new  Label.  Say your first program is A001,the RTN was line A084, then your piggyback will be A085, then to run that program you just XEQ A085. Of course your old label  ?001 will not be used, But now you have it for a new unused Label.  And that's how you piggyback, to get back a label if you need one.  On the HP 35s.

  • Land Surveyor

    thanks for sharing Mr.Billy

  • Hi Everyone this is a cool Program, For Polar to Rectangular and vice versa, even though it uses Vars in the program. It is still cool. I also wrote a program using Vars. for this .But like this one a lot.

    So Check it out. your only using P001 and P023,

    but you never call it, just P001, -1, and 1

     Load Program

    key in 3, then ENTER,key in 4

    XEQ P001 ENTER, prog.runs, 3.000.-1 , -1 is for R<>P

    R/S, answer =5.0000,36.8699

    Run again,

    key in 5, ENTER,key in 36.8699

    XEQ P001 ENTER,prog. runs,5.000, -1, this time +/- (CHS) 1 is P<>R

    R/S, answer = 3.0000, 4.0000

    How cool is that, -1 = R<>P and 1 = P<>R

    Thanks MR. Harris

  • HI Everyone, the never ending story of Polar to rectangular, and vice versa. how many of these programs can be wrote, it never ends ,so here is one more way. This program is by Mark Hays Harris,  I think it is  a beta ???,

    P001 LBL P
    P002 x<> F ; parameter for determining R<>P vs P<>R
    P003 CLx
    P004 -1      ; less than zero (default) R<>P X in x, Y in y
    P005 STOP    ; give the operator a chance to change the parm use [+/-] key
    P006 x>0?     ; branch around R<>P routine
    P007 GTO P023
    P008 x<> F
    P009 STO X       ; Entry Point for R<>P routine
    P010 x^2            ; compute R value to be placed in y Y
    P011 x<>y
    P012 STO Y
    P013 x^2
    P014 +
    P015 √       ; use square root key
    P016 STO R    ; save R to R
    P017 RCL Y    ; compute theta , R is lifted to y
    P018 RCL X     ;
    P019 /
    P020 ATAN
    P021 STO A      ;save theta in A (P y holds R, x holds theta
    P022 RTN       ; END R<>P routine
    P023 x<> F    ; Entry Point P<>R routine
    P024 x<>y     ;might have been able to use REGx REGy here...
    P025 STO R    ; save R from y
    P026 x<>y      ;
    P027 STO A      ; Save A (theta) from x
    P028 SIN
    P029 *             ; multiply compute y
    P030 STO Y
    P031 RCL R    ;
    P032 RCL A     ;
    P033 COS
    P034 *           ; multiply compute x
    P035 STO X
    P036 RTN     ; END P<>R routine y holds Y, x holds X

    LN=110 CK=0E3B

    I have not tried it yet. but you can see it also here at this link,but you have to be a member ,so just join.

    see what everyone has to say about it!!!  I think i like to try it.



    (35S) yet another R<>P Conversion
    • Fantastic,Mr Harris, Just one more i will add to something, now who's next ???

      you  get a Big Kudos, what a Great program.

  • Hi Everyone , Here is a video, on how to use a RPN calculator, it short but can help some one. and it is using the HP 35s.

  • Hi Everyone, This calculator never seems to be a end to how it will  amaze you ,just a

    Short Pythagorean triangle solver. classic is SQ(C)= SQ (A) +SQ(B) ,you know it works ,time and time again

    over the years,but how about ABS( [ A , B ] ) = C,but you can not write it as ABS( AiB ) = C ,it will not solve .even thought it is shorter, syntax errors get you ever time,but if we correct it C = ABS (A + i* B ) ,then it works. 3,4 it will return 5 ever time solving C, then 3 i 4 ABS ,will return 5 ,3 i 4 ARG ,will return 53.1301 and

    4 i 3 ARG you get 36.8699 and 4 i 3 ABS , just flipping the coin ,you get 5 ,But where does this END ??? .

    Just think if that Greek had owned a HP Calculator.

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