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Support group for land surveyors who still use HP48 and HP35 Calculators for Data Collection and in their daily surveying lives.  Share tips tricks and software here.

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From its introduction in 1979 until final production in 1990, the Hewlett Packard 41 Series Programmable Calculator reigned supreme as the trusted companion of professionals and students worldwide. Its instant success was due to innovation, quality and a well established base of loyal customers. The HP-41 became the object of fascination to a vast following of dedicated enthusiasts which sprang up to explore its intricacies and possibilities. Even today, its classic design makes it a useful and collectable tool with yet a few surprises left. This site is dedicated to documenting and preserving this amazing machine.


This page lists the latest and most popular HP-41 Emulator versions by platform.

V41 - Release Notes - Source Code by Warren Furlow
SIM41W by Alvaro Gerardo Suárez
VB41CX .NET by Ron van Tilburg

iPhone and iPod Touch
i41CX+ by Antonio Lagana
Calc41C by Jonathan Watmough

eV41 - Release Notes - Source Code by Frank Bauernoeppel

Palm OS
P41CX - ROM Manager - Memo Pad Compiler - Source Code by Charles Lee
MHCalc - Generic Scientific RPN Calculator by Mike Higgins

EMU41 by Jean-François Garnier

Nonpareil by Eric Smith
V41 will run under WINE emulation - turn off TrueType fonts

HP-41X by HrastProgrammer

Mac OS X
X-41 by Frederic Bronner
Genesis-41 by Laurent Spohr

Android 41CV by Martin Hansen
go41c Free by Olivier De Smet
go41c Purchase by Olivier De Smet

All Emulators - List of all emulator versions in the library



Try one of the emulators if you get in a fix and do not have your trusty HP-41 handy

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