Display the Evidence or Survey the World?

I am sure that many may disagree but I have personally witnessed a real big gap in practical solutions based on evidence and the stiff and ridiculous over-regulated rules that have been generated by those who do not even visit the field.  


So techniques can also be somewhat controversial.  Individuals needing what may seem a simple neighbor fence location based on a scenario that adequately shows the fence well over on the neighbors property most likely do not  want a full survey and cost of such.  


Especially in this economy, it is unfair and harmful to the surveyor to be forced to do a full boundary survey when not wanted by the client and not really needed.  It also open up evils that allow the "not so moral" client to avoid payment and cause the surveyor lose of his ability to earn a living.  I know  because it happened to me after surveying many years since 1965.


How much evidence is enough?  


How much is the client willing to pay for the evidence?  


Is it right for someone to judge if the evidence is enough or is it enough for the surveyor to state the basis of survey and evidence and not make a judgments however make recommendations based on experience and the budget provided?  


Consider the job of a private investigator.


There is much reform needed if the independent surveyor is going to survive and be able to serve the needs of the private individual land owner economically.  


Regardless of that, techniques have been developed by many of us old dirt surveyors that can be of great help to those without the years of experience and are worthy of note here.  


The two point (or more) control network using static GPS as a one man field unit while you take time to look for existing points and create sketches and take pictures of features has been a proven technique that I can share.  


It is very important to make each control point count - line it up with more than one feature such as edge of road and fence will make the point much more valuable.  Making the most of every battery hour you have is the name of the field game.  


Perhaps a drawing and pictures of the process would be better than just writing about it.  I just wish I could get paid for sharing this information.  Like most people, I need to pay my bills, LOL.


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