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Hurricane Matthew Mapping and Data Resources

The WWHGD Working Group team has compiled a list of sources that contain data, information and products in support of Hurricane Mathew response and recovery.  Many of these links provide downloadable data and some have already conducted analysis of the data. 

Hurricane Matthew Mapping and Data 





Standby Task Force:


GDELT Project:


ESRI - Mapping Tweets associated with Matthew:


Humanitarian Open Street Map - Create custom OpenStreetMap (OSM) exports:


Humanity Road Hurricane Matthew Situation Report:


EU Copernicus:


Google Crisis Map:


Esri ArcGIS Hurricane and Tropical Cyclones Map:


ECHO Map on Relief Web from UN:


Prevention Web:














Haiti Data Project:



Real-Time Services and Data Sources:


Pacific Disaster Center (PDC)

                                PDC’s GeoRSS Feed (ArcGIS Online Capable GeoRSS):


Active Hurricane Live Service (ESRI, NOAA, JTWC, CPHC, NHC)

(ArcGIS Online Capable):


Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS)

                                (ArcGIS Online Capable GeoRSS):


Recent Weather Radar Imagery (NWS, NOAA)

                (ArcGIS Online Capable):


NOAA's National Hurricane Center (NHC) Active Storm Feed

(ArcGIS Online Capable):


DOI’s Interior Geospatial Emergency Management System (IGEMS) Real-time Hazards Feed

(ArcGIS Online Capable):


Humanitarian Open Street Map

(**Data Request Submitted for Haiti/Jamaica/Dominican Republic bounding box:

                No values returned in data files, technical difficulties


Service-Based Infrastructure:


World Ports (IHO)

                                (ArcGIS Online Capable)





World Airports (WFP)

                                (ArcGIS Online Capable):


Haiti Health Facilities (USAID)

                                (ArcGIS Online Capable):


Haiti Hospitals (USAID)

(ArcGIS Online Capable):


Haiti Schools 2015

                                 (ArcGIS Online Capable):


AGOL Cuba Province Outlines:


AGOL Cuba Municipality Outlines:


AGOL Cuba Population by Province:


AGOL Locations of public WiFi in Cuba:

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