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DTM files with Carlson

I am wondering if anyone has much experience with Digital Terrain Models. Is DTM a file format? Does Carlson support those files? Can I create a DTM with Carlson?

I am interested in creating a set of plan contours for a proposed landfill and would love to be able to load those proposed contours into our Trimble TSC2 data collector. I know how to create the contours and the TIN map, but how do I create a file that can be loaded into our collectors.

Am I completely lost, or has any one else tried something similar? Thanks for considering. Please feel free to redirect me to another forum.

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  • Hi Sam,

    What version of Carlson are you using?


    • I am using Carlson Survey 2009 with Embedded AutoCAD.

    • I'm not very familiar with the Trimble DC, but within Carlson, TIN files are the same as DTM files.  Under the "Surfaces" pulldown menu you should see "Import/Export Surface Files" & within that there should be "Export Trimble TTM File".  It will prompt you to select the TIN surface you want to export.  After that, I am assuming you would transfer the newly created TTM file to your Trimble controller and import it to your job.  I hope this helps and I wish I had more experience with the Trimble DC.


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